[PVE-User] md installer?

Paul Gray gray at cs.uni.edu
Thu Jul 4 14:29:17 CEST 2013

On 07/04/2013 06:30 AM, Paul Gray wrote:
> I think, I may be wrong, that the Barebone Installer is not customizable at all, and won't be.

The installer is configurable to the extent that any distribution's
installer iso is configurable.  You just need to know where the
installation components are and how they interact.

The origin of my question to the list arises from the hints of md
support already in the places within the installation.

After ISOLINUX expands the initrd and finds its proxmox iso image, the
init script invokes /sbin/unconfigured.sh on the ISO mount.

In the final acts of /sbin/unconfigured.sh, there's a commented-out line
to shut off md device md0, indicating that there was once a time when it
was enabled.

But there's quite a bit more: For example, after proxmox finds the
installation media and starts up X, the installation contiues from
openbox/.xinitrc to invoke /usr/bin/proxinstall.

Within the /usr/bin/proxinstall script, one finds this code in the
probing for disks:

    foreach my $hd (@$hds) {
        my ($disk, $devname) = @$hd;
        next if $devname =~ m|^/dev/md\d+$|;
        print "found Disk$disk N:$devname\n";

So the installer is specifically excluding md devices when looking for

Naturally this begs the question of what would happen if one added
modprobe's for md raid support (right after the modprobe of dm_mod in
unconfigured.sh), removed the "next if..." line in the proxinstall
script above, reconstituted the ISO, and booted it up to "see what happens."

It seems that someone else had probably already done this.  If no one
else has done it then it's likely someone would be willing to offer
advice on why enabling support for md devices would be "a bad thing(tm)"
or at least offer some insight as to why md devices are specifically
avoided in the present installer.

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