[PVE-User] RRDC Update error

franc.rodriguez at tecob.com franc.rodriguez at tecob.com
Mon Jul 22 11:43:29 CEST 2013

Hi all,

Due to a time server misconfiguration, I had a lot of RRD errors on
syslog like this one:

Jul 22 06:25:13 server pmxcfs[3554]: [status] notice: RRD update error
/var/lib/rrdcached/db/pve2-vm/104: /var/lib/rrdcached/db/pve2-vm/104:
illegal attempt to update using time 1374467113 when last update time
is 1382392800 (minimum one second step)

I deleted  /var/lib/rrdcached/db/pve2-vm/104 and this error
dissapeared, but now, I have a new one:
Jul 22 11:11:35 server pmxcfs[649670]: [status] notice: RRDC update
error /var/lib/rrdcached/db/pve2-vm/104: -1

Can someone help me to fix this issue?
Is there a procedure to clear all RRD graphs data?

Kind regards,

Franc Rodriguez.
TECOB - Andorra

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