[PVE-User] Cluster Creation on pve-manager/2.2/3089a616 (2.6.32-16-pve #1) with 2 Nodes

Daniel Vuilleumier vui at bitnpixel.com
Wed Jan 30 19:21:17 CET 2013


I tried to install cluster on a couple of 1H servers, set up on the same subnet behind pfSense firewall with bridget LAN-ports.

Unfortunately, I did not succeed, as the following errors occured. Anyone knows why?

Further questions:

a) Is it possible to create a two-node-cluster from two running nodes at all?

b) Is it advisable, to do so with only two hardware nodes? Is it more stable to run 2 separate nodes, each with its own GUI (without live migration)?

Thanks for your help!
Daniel Vuilleumier
Zurich, Switzerland


proxmox02 = (node1)
proxmox02 = (node2)

Both systems installed and updated to the same version:
pve-manager/2.2/3089a616 (2.6.32-16-pve #1)

proxmox01# pvecm create CLUSTER
proxmox01# pvecm status
Version: 6.2.0
Config Version: 1
Cluster Name: CLUSTER
Cluster Id: 9300
Cluster Member: Yes
Cluster Generation: 4
Membership state: Cluster-Member
Nodes: 1
Expected votes: 1
Total votes: 1
Node votes: 1
Quorum: 1  
Active subsystems: 5
Ports Bound: 0  
Node name: proxmox01
Node ID: 1
Multicast addresses: 
Node addresses: 

proxmox02:~# pvecm add
The authenticity of host ' (' can't be established.
RSA key fingerprint is ed:33:11:b2:25:fa:16:05:fd:8c:ed:95:d6:82:a3:e7.
Are you sure you want to continue connecting (yes/no)? yes
root at's password: 
copy corosync auth key
stopping pve-cluster service
Stopping pve cluster filesystem: pve-cluster.
backup old database
Starting pve cluster filesystem : pve-clustercan't create shared ssh key database '/etc/pve/priv/authorized_keys'
Starting cluster: 
   Checking if cluster has been disabled at boot... [  OK  ]
   Checking Network Manager... [  OK  ]
   Global setup... [  OK  ]
   Loading kernel modules... FATAL: Error inserting configfs (/lib/modules/2.6.32-16-pve/kernel/fs/configfs/configfs.ko): Invalid module format
waiting for quorum...

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