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Fernando Sierra fernando.sierra at ciemat.es
Tue Jan 29 16:31:39 CET 2013


I have a Proxmox cluster installed in testing and now I want to install 
a production cluster.
I have 4 dell blades PowerEdge M-620 with 96GB DDR3, 32xIntel Xeon CPU 
E5-2650 @ 2.00Ghz and 136GB HDD - RAID-1.
I want to create a cluster with this 4 blades. Proxmox 2.2 with kernel 

And I have a Storage PowerVault with 8 HDD. I want to create 2 RAID-5 
with 8 disk(3,3,2) and then create a LUN for each RAID-5. (2 LUNs).

I want to charge ISOS from Lustre (other storage), Backups and Storage 
to PowerVault and use HA.

Do you think that is enough?
Do I need a chunk for RAID-5 bigger than 64Kb?

Have you got any suggestion?

Thanks for your time and your help!!!

/Fernando Sierra Pajuelo
*System Administrator / Researcher*
/c/ Sola nº 1; 10200 TRUJILLO, SPAIN/
/Tel: +34 927 65 93 17 Fax: +34 927 32 32 37/

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