[PVE-User] larger images

Fábio Rabelo fabio at fabiorabelo.wiki.br
Tue Jan 22 15:12:06 CET 2013

In a VM ( KVM ) when I create a larger than 1 TB image, the VM do not start
with a msg :

kvm: -drive
could not open disk image /mnt/pve/riuma_00/images/105/vm-105-disk-2.raw:
Operation not permitted

This image are in ID 1, it is not the boot one .

If the image are smaller then 1 TB the VM boots OK .

It is a bug in Proxmox ?

I know that it is not a KVM issue, using virt-manager this setup works fine

There are any workaround ?

Fábio Rabelo
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