[PVE-User] Problem installing VM

Michael Eager eager at eagercon.com
Sun Jan 20 16:53:21 CET 2013

On 01/20/2013 05:01 AM, Holger Ernst wrote:
> Hi Michael,
> 'apt-get update' is only one step to have a system updated. This only
> updates the catalogs. To really update submit a 'apt-get dist-upgrade' as a
> second step.

I believe I did that, but I'll check.  (I use Fedora, not used to Debian
system maintenance.)

> Problems with seeing the console very often relate to the java browser
> plugin (the vnc viewer used here is java based) so it is (amongst security
> issues) neccessary to use the most actual one (use original sun/oracle java
> package). Chrome and Firefox should both handle the console.

I have OpenJDK installed.  I'll install Sun Java and see if that improves

Is it possible to use a different vnc viewer, say tigervnc?

> Regards, Holger
> -----------------------------------------------------------
> Hi --
> I'm new to Promox but I'm having a number of problems installing a VM.  I'm
> trying to install Fedora 18 on the VM.  (I've also tried with other
> distros.)
> I installed Promox 2.2-31.  I ran "apt-get update" to update the system
> packages.
> Q:  Was updating the system needed or desirable?
> I've logged in to the https on the server with Firefox 12 and Chrome 23.
> Both have problems running the management application.  I've tried on hosts
> running Fedora 15 and Centos 5.5.
> I've clicked on "Create VM", filled out parameters, and pointed the CD to
> either a live CD or a full system DVD.  I can start the VM and it looks like
> it is using CPU.  When I try to start a console I run into a variety of
> problems.  These don't seem to occur all the time, but generally make Promox
> difficult or impossible to use.
>     - VM window does not display console.
>     - Clicking on "console" causes VM window and Promox window to hang
>       and I have to restart the browser.
>     - Clicking on "reset" sometimes brings up a console window, but
>       showing only about a quarter of the display.  Sometimes this is
>       in a correctly sized window (3/4 gray) sometimes the window is
>       sized to show the visible display.
>     - Sometimes, after hitting restart, I see a full screen display.
> Any suggestions?

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