[PVE-User] LVM Snapshot on Proxmox 2.2

Daniel Vuilleumier vui at bitnpixel.com
Thu Feb 14 10:52:48 CET 2013


Does anybody know whether the "live snapshot" requires us to have empty space on the logical volume group in both cases: local backup and backup to NFS?

For example: 
My LVM is 1.8TB (maximum size on HW-RAID10).
I want to live snapshot a 100GB Container.

Do I have to shrink the logical volume to 1.7TB in order to get the snapshot done without downtime?

In Proxmox 1.9 this used to be the case, does it still apply to 2.2 (and forthcomeing 2.3)?

Daniel Vuilleumier
Zurich, Switzerland

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