[PVE-User] dnsmasq service causes problem in proxmox

Alexandre Kouznetsov alk at ondore.com
Wed Feb 6 16:31:06 CET 2013


El 06/02/13 05:11, vishal escribió:
> I have proxmox 2.2. This proxmox hosts several virtual m/c. Whenever I
> ping to any of the VM on this proxmix server it down not find that VM.
> Following is the request and response:
> C:\Users\vishal>ping <servername>
> Ping request could not find host <servername> . Please check the name and
> try again.

> To resolve the above problem, I need to restart the dnsmasq service on
> proxmox. This issue crops up frequently. I need to solve this problem.
There is a chance, it has nothing to do specifically with dnsmasq.
1. Try flushing your workstation's DNS cache, "ipconfig /flushdns".
2. When dnsmasq is restarted, it re-reads /etc/hosts file. If that's the 
only way dnsmasq knows about the new hosts, the behavior you describe is 
expected. Consider using DHCP-DNS update (dnsmasq does it in a very 
smooth and natural way) or assigning the IP-hostname binding for your 
VM/CT statically.


Alexandre Kouznetsov

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