[PVE-User] Disk Image Management & Pass-Through Disks

Richard Laager rlaager at wiktel.com
Tue Dec 3 23:43:28 CET 2013

The Proxmox web GUI covers the typical case of creating a new VM with
new disk images. But how can I handle any or all of these cases:

     1. I have existing disk images I want to use.
     2. I don't like the default naming of the disk images created by
        the web GUI. If I create the disk image myself, this turns into
        a case of #1.
     3. For one guest, I need to pass through 6 whole disks.

I don't need GUI answers to these; the command-line is fine. In libvirt,
I can accomplish these by editing the XML configuration. Is there
anything like this with Proxmox?

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