[PVE-User] available templates and gpg signatures

Pablo Costa modulistic at gmail.com
Mon Dec 2 00:49:32 CET 2013

When trying to get new templates I cannot choose amd64 for
debian-7.0-standard. Debian 7 is listed without any arch specification and
the template that gets downloaded is i386.

Having a look at the http server [0], I can see there are both the amd64
and the i386 tarballs for debian 7.

If I did my research well, aplinfo.dat [1] contains the list that is
presented on the web admin interface, and the list is incomplete, or not up
to date (e.g. lacks the amd64 debian wheezy). Also I saw that this list is
signed [3] and the public key is on my Proxmox VE box [7]. There is also a
gzip'd version of the list, but the signature verification matches the
uncompressed text.

As aplinfo.dat includes md5sums for each template tarball then the web
admin can assert the integrity of the template tarballs.

So I have some requests:

1. Is the aplinfo.dat file auto-generated? Can you update it easily? The
wiki [4] somehow suggests that the amd64 templates are second-class, and
should be handled manually. My feeling is that this page is outdated
(troubleshooting section talks about 1.8).

2. Can you explain who is in charge of creating and maintaining the
templates and the aplinfo.dat and its signature? Are the unlisted templates
"not endorsed by Proxmox"? As there is no checksum on the signed index,
they appear less reliable than the listed ones, anyway.

3. Can you please confirm that by downloading the templates from the web
interface the application is actually verifying the gpg signature and the
checksums of the downloaded tarballs? Is this documented somewhere? [5]
suggests this is actually done; I am not very fluent with perl, and I would
appreciate a quick authoritative answer; [6] is even more clear, but of
course not under git.proxmox.com :)

I have been subscribed to this list for a while, and I try to keep up to
date; please excuse me if this has already been discussed.

Thanks and cheers everyone!

[0] http://download.proxmox.com/appliances/system/
[1] http://download.proxmox.com/appliances/aplinfo.dat
[2] http://download.proxmox.com/appliances/aplinfo.dat.gz
[3] http://download.proxmox.com/appliances/aplinfo.dat.asc
[4] http://pve.proxmox.com/wiki/Get_Virtual_Appliances
[6] https://raw.github.com/turnkeylinux/pve-patches/master/PVE/APLInfo.pm
[7] /usr/share/doc/pve-manager/support at proxmox.com.pubkey
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