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> sorry... what I found is just feature comparison.... and nothing about
> performance...
> if someone can help, I will appreciate...
There is a master thesis from Oslo University College available here.
Do remember though that the virtualization development is moving fast
and this thesis compares ESXi 5.0 KVM 1.4 so much can have change
since that. You could, however use the test on newer versions:

The main purpose of this thesis is to compare the performance overhead
of the virtualization infrastructures KVM and VMWare. All the
experiments are carried out by using the Red Hat Enterprise Linux(RHEL)
Operating System version 6.1. The study focuses on the performance of
disk I/O operations, memory operations and CPU operations. The
benchmarking tools used are Iozone for disk I/O, Ram Speed for memory
and UnixBench for CPU. First a set of benchmarking tests are carried
out by using a Bare Metal installation of RHEL 6.1 on a Dell Poweredge
R710 server. Next the exact same set of benchmark tests are run after
installing RHEL 6.1 on a single virtual machine running on KVM on the
same server. Finally VMWare ESXi 5.0 is installed on the server and
RHEL 6.1 is installed on a single virtual VMWare machine. In this way
the performance overhead of the two virtualization infrastructures KVM
and VMWare is measured and compared. Each benchmarking test is run in
each of the three cases sufficiently many times to produce
statistically significant results. The VMWare I/O disk performance is
mostly from 20 to 30% better than KVM, with a few exceptions. And
generally the VMWare I/O performance is 10-15% less than the Bare Metal
performance. The memory performance overhead is relatively smaller. KVM
performs better than VMWare for block sizes of 4MB and less, while the
results show the opposite for block sizes larger than 4MB. When testing
pure ALU usage, there is almost no virtualization overhead. There was
some overhead for the other UnixBench CPU tests and in all these cases
VMWare was performing better than KVM. Our general conclusion is that
the virtualization overhead is less for VMWare than for KVM."


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