[PVE-User] SAN recommendation.

Måns Åman mans.aman at riverman.com
Thu Aug 29 18:24:05 CEST 2013

Don’t forget that OpenFiler has announced a move to CentOS.




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We have using OpenFiler in production for more than 2 years. 
Personally, I dont like Openfiler thus we have tested Nexenta, FreeNas,
Nas4free and OpenMediaVault and always for some reason we had to return to
Openfiler, now we have 6 Openfiler servers and these have been very very
stable and fast.
On the other hand, OpenFiler is old software, foolish to handle a rPath
outdated Linux distro.

I would look for new options like the recommended in the thread.

On 08/22/2013 07:10 AM, Muhammad Yousuf Khan wrote:

Need any experience suggestion. 
We want a SMB SAN storage and a bit convenient in price. with HA and
Multipathing for iSCSI

do you guys think openfiler could be a good option for production or it is
just good for testing?



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