[PVE-User] Proxmox on DRBD and OCFS2/GFS

Erick Zozoaga Gómez ezozoaga at cie.com.mx
Wed Aug 28 18:13:21 CEST 2013


We still have three clusters running the old v1.9 with OCFS2 (although 
it was never recommended by Proxmox):

  * One small two-nodes with DRBD Primary/Primary and OCFS2on top. Never
    had any problems.
  * One mid four-nodes with iSCSI(openfiler) and OCFS on top. Also on
    the same cluster we have another storage via iSCSI with LVM on top.
    Both are stable, (i think LVM is a bit more) but OCFS has been more
    flexible (qcow2, file system access, etc).
  * One mid three-nodes with FC and OCFS. Only once time it was
    necessary to do fsck (after 2 years), without loose any data.

If neccesary, I would use DRBD with LVM on top (as doc says).
It was a pity that there is no more OCFS2 support since v2.0, but as 
Eneko says, the good news is that we will have new storage options on 3.1.

Thank you Proxmox team!!

On 08/28/2013 10:14 AM, Rob Fantini wrote:
> Hello Eneko
> thank you for the info.
> We're also going to use drbd active/active .    We used drbd in 1.9  
> Primary/Secondary .  And for awhile in pve  version2 used active/active.
> We'll use active-active  and  run our high available  kvm's  only on 
> one node.   I think that active-active drbd  can be dangerous .
> DRBD seems to be the most  dependable  way to have high available 
> storage for our setup. Next year we'll test  Ceph , Sheepdog and 
> Glusterfs .
> On Wed 28 Aug 2013 07:15:23 AM EDT, Eneko Lacunza wrote:
>> Hi Rob,
>> On 28/08/13 03:41, Rob Fantini wrote:
>>> Please, can you give some information about the 'shared-storage HA
>>> setup'  you mentioned?
>>>> We finally discarded it (were trying active-active configuration)
>>>> in-house, we felt it gave us more headaches than the peace-of-mind
>>>> potentially gained by a shared-storage HA setup. We didn't have
>>>> experience with DRBD so maybe it was us not setting up correctly.
>> What I meant is that we discarded to use DRBD in active-active
>> configuration, which is a way to have "shared" storage without
>> actually sharing physically an storage.
>> Cheers
>> Eneko
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