[PVE-User] Performance comparison

David Legg David.Legg at smithelectric.com
Mon Aug 26 01:05:57 CEST 2013

Well, I use Proxmox, OpenVZ and KVM because ESX and other platforms are
out of the question on licensing cost grounds.

However, the picture becomes more interesting when you factor in OpenVZ.
You'll be getting pretty close to native speeds for a lot of things,
particularly where I/O is concerned. If you're running Linux there is no
reason not to use it and I would only consider using KVM if I was running
Windows or there was some fundamental reason that demanded full
virtualisation. I haven't found one yet.


On 25/08/2013 23:50, "Lutz Willek" <l.willek at science-computing.de> wrote:
>Am 23.08.2013 23:52, schrieb Gilberto Nunes:
>> Hi guys...
>> Someone here already do beachmarks between VMWare and ProxMox VE??
>> What the results?
>> Can someone point at least some serious site that posted some results
>> about this matter?
>> Thanks
>My colleague has recently researched a bit. It fits not directly to
>proxmox, but compares kvm vs. xen vs. vmare vs. virtualbox.
>Slides are online, german language only, results starting at page 50.

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