[PVE-User] Possible MTU/PMTU/MSS issue with HE IPv6 tunnel over PPPoE DSL connection

Adam Hunt voxadam at gmail.com
Thu Aug 15 04:56:51 CEST 2013

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On Wed, Aug 14, 2013 at 7:53 PM, Adam Hunt <voxadam at gmail.com> wrote:

> So, I finally managed to get it up. My IPv6 tunnel that is. While I can
> bring the tunnel up, test-ipv6.com gives me a passing grade, I can
> connect to many sites via IPv6 (e.g. ipv6.google.com), and I've been able
> to ping pretty much any v6 connected host without issue. The thing is I'm
> not able to connect to all v6 sites (using my browser). Sites that I'm
> unable to connect to include things that I "know" work such as pfsense.org,
> doc.pfsense.org, freebsd.org, and others.
> Below is a simplified diagram of my network. Aside from what's shown there
> are a few wireless access points, some wireless clients, and various VMs
> running on VMWare Workstation 9 on the Windows 7 workstation.
>    CenturyLink
>  (PPPoE, dyn IP)
>         ^
>         |
>         v
>    ZyXel Q100
> VDSL modem/bridge
>         ^
>         |
>         v
>  pfSense 2.0-rc0
>     (sigmund)
>         ^
>         |
>         v
>  10/100 ethernet
>      switch
>  (WRT54GS running
>      DD-WRT)
>         ^
>         |
>         v
> Windows 7 Workstaion
>      (drogon)
> I did some chatting with a few people in #ipv6 (irc://
> irc.freenode.org/ipv6). The prevailing theory is that my issues are
> related to an MTU mismatch. The way I understand it is that PMTU is
> mandatory in IPv6. I'm not all that familiar with tunneling to begin with
> and in this particular setup there are more layers than I care for (PPPoE,
> and a 6in4 to HE).
> Sigmund, my pfSense box, it's a Dell Latitude D620 laptop with an onboard
> Broadcom gigabit NIC (bge driver) facing my LAN, and a DEC/Intel 21143
> CardBus NIC (dc driver) on the WAN side attached to my DSL bridge which is
> operating as a transparent bridge (RFC 1483). This setup has been up and
> running flawlessly for months.
> As for interfaces I have "CENTURYLINK" (aka WAN) connected to PPPOE0(dc0),
> LAN connected to bge0, DSLBRIDGE (aka OPT1 that allows me to connect to the
> DSL bridge's web interface) connected to bge0, and HEv6 connected to the
> GIF tunnel.
> Prior to my work on this tunnel all my MTUs have been untouched, left at
> their default 1500 and everything has worked fine. After discovering the
> issue of not being able to connect to some sites via v6 I started playing
> around with the MUTs on various interfaces. Occasionally I was able to
> successfully connect via v6 to some of the sites that I had previously been
> unable to browse to. If memory serves things worked when I set the MTU on
> my HEv6 interface to the minimum allowed for IPv6 1280. The part that
> confuses the hell out of me is that it wouldn't work all the time.
> Sometimes I could connect, the next time the connection timed out.
> I'm pretty new to IPv6. I'm entirely unfamiliar with PMTU and MSS so at a
> certain point I'm just making random changes and seeing what happens (I
> kind of feel like a kid with a fork and an electrical outlet).
> Is there anyone out there that might be able to give me some idea of where
> I should go from here? I'd appreciate any help that you can give.
> Thanks for your time.
> Adam
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