[PVE-User] Node still reboots permanent

daniel daniel at linux-nerd.de
Sat Apr 27 01:22:46 CEST 2013

Hi there,

i hope thats my last questions ;)

After configure all things explaind in the wiki i get an error.

After installing a VM on a Cluster node and try to fence the device
The node A will permanent reboot. It reboots, after the node is back online it will reboot again.

I get an error when i start to fence first time:

Executing HA migrate for VM 2000 to node vm10
Trying to migrate pvevm:2000 to vm10...Could not connect to resource group manager
TASK ERROR: command 'clusvcadm -M pvevm:2000 -m vm10' failed: exit code 1

Here yoou can find my config:


Maybe anyone have some Ideas what can happen.



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