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daniel daniel at linux-nerd.de
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maybe ist undocumented yet. You have to enable join fence domain at /etc/default/redhat-cluster-pve

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Hi Guys,

when i try to start the RG manager i get the folowing Error:

DLM (built Apr  2 2013 12:09:07) installed
dlm: Using TCP for communications
dlm: rgmanager: group join failed -1 -1

I installed a HA Cluster who the Docs explain with external quorum disk an so on.
Everything seems to be fine:

vm11                                                               10 Online
 vm10                                                               11 Online, Local
 vm12                                                               12 Online
 /dev/block/8:33                                                     0 Online, Quorum Disk

But the rgmanager didnt start. I cant anything related at google :-(

Thats my last point which seems not working as i want.
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