[PVE-User] Trying to setup a 2 Node HA

daniel daniel at linux-nerd.de
Fri Apr 12 19:29:55 CEST 2013

Hey Guys,

i try to setup a 2 Node HA with DRBD. 2 Nodes of my cluster have DRBD devices (vm10 and vm11)
I just want to setup the cluster.conf as mentioned in the wiki but I get errors and I don't know why.
Maybe someone can tell me what I am doing wrong:

Here is the Part from the cluster.conf:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<cluster config_version="19" name="PMX-HANNOVER">
  <cman keyfile="/var/lib/pve-cluster/corosync.authkey"/>
  <cman two_node="1" expected_votes="1"> </cman>
    <clusternode name="vm01" nodeid="1" votes="1"/>
    <clusternode name="vm02" nodeid="2" votes="1"/>
    <clusternode name="vm03" nodeid="3" votes="1"/>
    <clusternode name="vm04" nodeid="4" votes="1"/>
    <clusternode name="vm05" nodeid="5" votes="1"/>
    <clusternode name="vm07" nodeid="7" votes="1"/>
    <clusternode name="vm06" nodeid="6" votes="1"/>
    <clusternode name="vm08" nodeid="8" votes="1"/>
    <clusternode name="vm09" nodeid="9" votes="1"/>
    <clusternode name="vm10" nodeid="10" votes="1"/>
                <method name="1">
                        <device name="vm10" action="reboot"/>
    <clusternode name="vm11" nodeid="11" votes="1"/>
                 <method name="1">
                        <device name="vm11" action="reboot"/>

        <fencedevice agent="fence_ilo" hostname="vm10" login="hpilologin" name="fenceNodeA" passwd="hpilopword"/>
        <fencedevice agent="fence_ilo" hostname="vm11" login="hpilologin" name="fenceNodeB" passwd="hpilologin"/>

    <pvevm autostart="1" vmid="2000"/>

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