[PVE-User] Performance Lag in Recent OpenVZ kernels

Michael Rasmussen mir at miras.org
Tue Apr 9 14:00:50 CEST 2013

Pve-2.2 was working but pve-2.3 also perfoms horribly here.

Keith Osborne <keith at tdrnetworks.com> wrote:

>Is anyone aware of major performance problems in the latest OpenVZ 
>kernels - I just posted a bugzilla report here with a ton of graphs:
>I went from Debian 6 (excellent performance) stock kernel to Centos 6.4
>(terrible with ksoftirqd bug also report - 
>https://bugzilla.openvz.org/show_bug.cgi?id=2554) latest VZ kernel to 
>Debian 6 Proxmox kernel (also contains ksoftirqd bug) - both latest VZ 
>kernels for CentOS and Proxmox were awful in performance - something
>eating up all the CPU in user, but top show only small CPU usage inside
>the containers.  Back to Debian 6 stock with a kernal circa 2011 and 
>performance is flying again.
>I checked all the usual suspects, RAID configuration, deadline 
>scheduler, blockdev size - over just a major lag - perhaps people don't
>notice it or perhaps it's a known problem?  Does anyone else have this 
>experience of coming from the older Debian 6 vanilla kernel?
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