[PVE-User] vzdump Backup Status on IOS devices

Christian Blaich christian at blaich.eu
Mon Sep 17 17:50:23 CEST 2012


i would like to check the Backup Status of my Servers after getting up
on my Iphone/Ipad.
But unfortunatelly the mail can't be displayed.

The error is the following (got the german IOS):

Diese E-Mail ist so formatiert, dass sie nicht angezeigt werden konnte
Die E-Mail muss in einem anderen Format oder mit einem anderen
E-Mail-Programm erneut verschickt werden, multipart/alternative

I think the english error should be like (translated):
The e-mail is not well formated and can't be displayed. Please resend it
in a new format or try to change the E-Mail Prog.

Are there any settings to change the output of vzdump mails ?

A other User said, that his mails can be displayed. He's using vzdump
1.2.26-1 from the Debian Squeeze Mirror.


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