[PVE-User] Web interface security

Flavio Stanchina flavio.stanchina at ies.it
Wed Sep 12 13:34:18 CEST 2012

Gerald Brandt wrote:
> I'm considering placing ProxMox on a server that is facing the internet.  Although all my VM's would be behind a firewall, the Proxmox server itself wouldn't be.
> How secure is the Web interface?
> What are the security implications?

I can see why one might want to have a public IP or two on a Proxmox 
server, but why would you put the Proxmox *interface* on a public 
network? I' rate the security implications as "too hot to handle".

Firewall ports 80 and 443 (or 8006 on PVE 2.x) on the public interface; 
if you need to access the GUI from the outside, use ssh port forwarding. 
I just suggested the same thing a few days ago, here's a link from the 
mailing list archive:

Flavio Stanchina
Informatica e Servizi
Trento - Italy

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