[PVE-User] Backup Image Size

Christian Cartwright christian at cjcartwright.com
Mon Sep 10 16:03:50 CEST 2012

Thank you for the reply.

The disk image is 250GB

Windows reading it as 250GB with 207GB Free, then when its backed up Proxmox Backup image is 70GB.

I will certainly try SDelete!

Thank you

On 10 Sep 2012, at 14:36, Paul Gray <gray at cs.uni.edu> wrote:

> On 9/10/2012 7:34 AM, Christian Cartwright wrote:
>> Hi everyone,
>> In one perticular VM I have running server 2008 r2 the os reports that
>> the drive is using 40gb(approx) but when I do a backup in proxmox the
>> image file it creates is 70gb.
> How big is the size of the disk image? (Not just in-use component.)
>> Why is this? I'm guessing it's because of deleted files in the os maybe?
> I'd recommend using SDelete by Mark Russinovich (Sysinternals) to zero out all unused data on the disk.  This should significantly reduce the size of the backup. Use the "-z" option.
> If others are curious - on Linux, use "zerofree".
> -PG
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