[PVE-User] System hangs / CPU 100% Windows 2008 Server

Massimo Santoro massimo at tuxel.com
Wed Sep 5 14:37:15 CEST 2012

On 05/09/2012 13:52, Martin Schuchmann wrote:
> Hi Massimo,
> Thanks for that advice!
> I have checked the bios and according to HP Support it is already a 
> corrected version from May 2011.
> I think if it would be caused by a hardware error, the problem would 
> occur on other guests on this host also, or the complete host should 
> freeze up?
> On the same machine is a Win 2008 SBS running - for 6 month without 
> any error.
> The node which is freezing is used as a Terminalserver with about 5-10 
> active Users.

We have several win2008 std (not r2) installations. Many of them 
suffered of system hangs (blue screen) or cpu 100% hangs while other 
guests were still running fine. Updating the bios solved all those issues.

We found out though that the most stable setup is using IDE and e1000 
(no virtio devices). Have you tried this?

Also, have you tried to put "args: -no-hpet" in the vm config file?

Massimo Santoro

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