[PVE-User] Automated load balancing script(s)

David Black proxmox at 1000.relay.net
Tue Sep 4 19:49:28 CEST 2012

I'm having a great time with Proxmox VE 2.1 in a three-node cluster with Solaris and Linux-based NFS storage, and find the only feature I really miss is some kind of automated load balancing - live migration of VMs to optimize performance. 

This past weekend I wrote scripts to collect node and VM stats, and am at the point where it's time to implement an algorithm that takes the available data and chooses when and what to migrate where. That may be the most difficult part, but there are simple ways to start (then get fancier later). 

Before I continue, has anyone already done something similar, and is this kind of feature on the Proxmox VE roadmap? 


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