[PVE-User] VZ-Console Does'nt work

David Black proxmox at 1000.relay.net
Wed Oct 24 15:52:40 CEST 2012

It's a new issue related to vzctl console.  I suppose because it hasn't formerly been used, many OpenVZ CT templates don't run a getty process on /dev/console.  The upside of that change in PVE 2.2 is you now can see real console output from the CT, but if there's no getty process running, of course you can't log in.  I expect the OpenVZ folks may release updated templates.

For a typical OpenVZ user, they are probably used to using vzctl enter to get a shell on the CT.  They now have the option to use vzctl console.  In PVE 2.2, there isn't a choice I'm aware of, at least in the UI.  You can still get a shell on the node/host where the CT is running and use vzctl enter to access the CT.

The fix: you have to add a line to /etc/inittab, or for a CentOS template, copy /etc/init/*tty* from a physical CentOS install and reboot the CT.  The specifics/best way to solve it vary with the flavor of Linux.


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> For a long time i have had connection errors when i used the console
> with vz-containers, disconnection and reconnecting it a couple of
> time
> often resultet in a working console, is this an often seen issue?
> I upgraded to the most recent version today, and now the connection
> starts almost everytime, but it just says "Attached to CT 116 (ESC .
> to
> detach)" and then theres no shell, how to fix this?
> / Mikkel
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