[PVE-User] Fw: New Kernel - 2.6.32-16 (2.6.32-79) - pvetest

David Black proxmox at 1000.relay.net
Sun Oct 21 15:17:02 CEST 2012

It's the lower CPU overhead and per-process RAM allocation that interest me.  I am already using KVM, and am exploring the possible use of CTs for one, a Zimbra server.   At this point that evaluation isn't looking so good; I'm already likely to stay with full virtualization.

My mention of it was for the benefit of others like Michael who might have otherwise gone to the trouble of running the current pvetest and discover, like me, even being vzctl 4.0, it's not yet working there.


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> > > We already have 4.0 on pvetest.
> > >
> > I wish I had a spare setup, I would like to test ploop. Also I
> > noticed ploop
> > supports snapshots which more or less making it in par with KVM.
> > The file container layout should also increase I/O performance.
> Why don't you use KVM if you want all files inside one big one? I
> doubt
> there is much performance difference, and KVM is much more flexible?
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