[PVE-User] Fw: New Kernel - 2.6.32-16 (2.6.32-79) - pvetest

David Black proxmox at 1000.relay.net
Sun Oct 21 14:30:32 CEST 2012

I'm running pvetest and if VE_LAYOUT=ploop in /etc/vz/vz.conf is uncommented, then I try and create a CT, here's what happens:

 Warning: ploop support is not compiled in
 Creation of container private area failed
 TASK ERROR: command 'vzctl --skiplock create 109 --ostemplate /mnt/pve/tex-pve/template/cache/ubuntu-12.04-x86.tar.gz --private /mnt/pve/tex-pve/private/109' failed: exit code 99

The vzctl package version is 4.0-1pve2.

BTW, I had to first mkdir /var/lib/vz/{private,root}/109 before the UI would delete the (incomplete) CT.


----- Original Message -----
> > Still not marked production ready yet, but given the present
> > situation where
> > live migration is buggy I find it hard to come up with any
> > objections except
> > for the fact that vzctl needs to be upgraded from
> > 3.0.30 to 3.3.
> We already have 4.0 on pvetest.
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