[PVE-User] General networking question

Fernando Sierra fernando.sierra at ciemat.es
Fri Oct 19 14:24:30 CEST 2012


proxmox has flexibility for ports. you could use a bridge or bonding 
ports. If you want to connect your VM to others VLANs you coud use the 
"VLAN Tag" and works perfectly.

Have you got some problem? or is olny for knowledge.


Fernando Sierra, SysAdmin at Ceta-Ciemat (Trujillo/Spain)

El 19/10/12 14:19, VIDAL, Thomas (Bioversity-France) escribió:
> Dear Proxmox users,
> I am in the list since 2 months and using Proxmox (my current config 
> at the bottom) since 3 months.... so a newbie !
> I set up several VMs without any problem. But since 3 months now I am 
> a little bit confused regarding all networks settings (even after read 
> the wiki, networking is not my cup of tea).
> I have 2 network cards with on each network card 4 network ports, so 8 
> physical networks available. And I have VMs for LAN and public VMs 
> (web server for example).
> For the moment I created bridges for each network.
> I know that we can agregate (bond I assume) network ports.
> So my question is :
> In the case of multiple network ports, is it better/simple to manage 
> them as 2 bonded ports or to keep bridges (flexibility ?)
> Sorry for this basic and general question...
> All the best
> Thomas
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