[PVE-User] PVE ISO problem

Flavio Stanchina flavio.stanchina at ies.it
Fri Oct 19 14:22:59 CEST 2012

para zheng wrote:
>      I had a thought to add one testing deb package in the PVE ISO
> image. But with the followint method, it still doesn't work.
>      3) cp the test deb in the ./my_iso/proxmox/packages/ (i also cp
> that to some other foler, but it still not work)
>      then, I "genisoimage ....", but it does not work, Is there a
> package list should be change? i want to know what other files need I
> edit before adding one new deb?

I didn't check, but I suppose there's a Packages file you need to 
update, as in any Debian package repository. And possibly a Release file 

If that's the case, look at "man apt-ftparchive" for details.

BTW, this is not a "PVE ISO problem" as per your subject. Something like 
"How to add packages to the PVE ISO" would be more appropriate.

Flavio Stanchina
Informatica e Servizi
Trento - Italy

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