[PVE-User] NAT issues

Samir Faci (Dev) dev at esamir.com
Fri Oct 19 00:01:20 CEST 2012

Built in Proxmox support.  I didn't setup a DHCP server.

If I was using a DHCP server then I would be using Bridged mode.  That
seems to work fine.  I have an issue with the NAT support.

my understand was that proxmox would allocate IP and handle the
NATing.  As in the machines don't get an IP on your network, but
within proxmox virtual
network.  The machines can get out to the internet.. and connect to
other machines on your network, but machines on your network can't
to the VM.  That's the behavior I'm trying to get.

One more update.

I created a new VM.. new disk, only constant is that I'm using the
same Ubuntu ISO,
created a NAT network device... I went through the installation
process....and once again NAT gives me the same IP address.

On Thu, Oct 18, 2012 at 12:40 PM, Alexandre Kouznetsov <alk at ondore.com> wrote:
> El 18/10/12 13:01, Samir Faci (Dev) escribió:
>> so I now have eth0 and eth1.  I get the IP address from both
>> interfaces via DHCP.
>> eth0 and eth1 both have the same address again. for both of
>> them.
> What DHCP server are you using? Where is it running?
> Config, logs?
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