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Michael Rasmussen mir at miras.org
Thu Oct 18 18:14:44 CEST 2012

On Thu, 18 Oct 2012 17:54:47 +0200
Michael Rasmussen <mir at miras.org> wrote:

> Isn't this something which should be easy to solve? All files
> prefixed .nfs are NFS file locks which by nature should not be
> migrated since the only make sense in a specific nodes context.
Hi Martin,

Does mounting the NFS share with option nolock solve the problem?

 "lock / nolock       Selects whether to use the NLM sideband protocol
                      to lock files on the server.  If neither option is
                      specified (or if lock is specified), NLM  locking
                      is used for  this mount point.  When using the
                      nolock option, applications can lock files, but
                      such locks provide exclusion  only against  other
                      applications running on the same client. Remote
                      applications are not affected by these locks.

                      NLM locking must be disabled with the nolock
                      option when using NFS to mount /var because /var
                      contains files used by the NLM implementation on
                      Linux.   Using  the  nolock option  is  also
                      required  when mounting exports on NFS servers
                      that do not support the NLM protocol.

Michael Rasmussen

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