[PVE-User] Using Sheepdog on the data directory

Fábio Rabelo fabio at fabiorabelo.wiki.br
Fri Oct 12 20:52:12 CEST 2012

2012/10/12 Andrew Niemantsverdriet <andrew at rocky.edu>

> I am wanting to do some tests with sheepdog and proxmox.
> The wiki mentions mounting a dedicated disk for this purpose, however I
> would like the entire data directory to reside on sheepdog. Is this
> possible with the pve-sheepdog package? It seems to deviate some from what
> is being shipped upstream to accommodate the mounting of dedicated disks.
> If it is possible what steps do I need to take to make that happen.
> Hellows to all

I am doing my tests for some days ...

The wiki omits some things, I've trying to register and edit it ...

Anything you mount on /var/lib/sheepdog/discx   will be recognized and
showed in web gui after the setup is finished .

You can have multiple devices, one as disc0, another as disc1 and so on .

It can be a single disk or a RAID 0/1/10/50  or whatever you want .

And MUST have the extended attribute option in  /etc/fstab set .

You have to create the file "startup" in every device you mount, and start
the daemon after the creation of this file .

After that, start the daemon, format the cluster, add the appropriate
content to file /etc/pve/storage.cfg like the example in the wiki, and you
will be ready to go !

The performance are completely dependant on what you mount .

I do not know much about stability, my tests has just began, but it works
great !

Fábio Rabelo
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