[PVE-User] HA behavior with VMs (PVE 2.2 pre-release)

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If you „Stop“ a HA managed VM you will get the following two actions:

-          A VM acpid shutdown (graceful shutdown)

-          HA stop

Now, if you go to the Datacenter/Summary tab you will see on “HA Service Status” the VM Status “disabled”.
To enable/Start the HA VM/CT again, just start the VM/CT.

If you shutdown it will restarted again by rgmanager, the expected behavior here.

If you stop rgmanager as mentioned in the wiki, all VM will get an acpi shutdown (gracefully shutdown) and will be started again on another node.

Already planned for the future:


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Hi Martin, and I have done almost exactly as you say in the first paragraph.

The difference: I clicked "Shutdown", not a (forced) "Stop", and the VM gracefully shut down.   After a few seconds, the VM is restarted by RGmanager.
I do not expect RGmanager would restart it, but it does, and this is regardless of the autostart setting.   I'll test it a few more times and probably open a bug.

BTW, I got the idea of stopping RGmanager here:  http://pve.proxmox.com/wiki/High_Availability_Cluster#HA_Cluster_maintenance_.28node_reboots.29
It was to force migrate the VMs off the soon-to-be-rebooted node, not simulate host failure as such - sorry.  (I do understand the difference.)

And I just found this thread, with earlier discussion on live migration behavior when stopping RGmanager.  It appears just not to have been implemented, and I'll search for an existing RFE before possibly opening one:


If you enable HA for a VM or CT, make sure that the VM/CT is off. As soon as you enable HA, the resource manager (rgmanager) takes control and starts the VM/CT. you can still live migrate manually. If you click “Stop” the VM/CT will be stopped and not started again by rgmanager.

If you need to reboot  a host, live migrate all VM/CT´s to other node or stop the VM/CT.

If your system does not work like this, it’s a bug or configuration issues. (stopping rgmanager is not a suitable testcase to simulate a failed node)

Best Regards,

Martin Maurer

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If you mean disabling HA allows me to regain full control of the VM, I do understand that, and at the moment consider it a workaround.

Or do you mean by design, HA enabled = VM unconditionally runs and can't be powered off, regardless of the autostart parameter setting?
That seems unlikely to me, isn't mentioned in the wiki HA section, and is why I emailed.   If that's not how you intend it to work, I'd be happy to open a bug.

Simply remove the VM from HA if you do not want that behavior.

Note: HA = High Availability

Because of #3, it seems I can't have a powered-off VM sitting there, that will be moved to another host in the event whichever host it's on goes down.   Seems like a bug to me.  Maybe the behavior of #3 and 4 are related.   I want to make all my VMs "protected" by HA whether they're running or not, so they always remain accessible regardless of their powered off/on status.  Also, why can't I have an HA-protected VM stay powered off?  :-)

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