[PVE-User] New KVM 1.2, snapshots, vzctl and other packages on pvetest (on the road to V2.2)

Alexandre DERUMIER aderumier at odiso.com
Wed Oct 3 13:43:33 CEST 2012

>>Does the new version support VGA passthrough. I have not succeeded in doing this with Proxmox VE 2.1. Thanks. 

Not sure about that. I have see some progress on next qemu-kvm 1.3 with some patches, new vfio architecture help too.

here a copy/paste from a qemu mailing list from 12 september:

graphics card pci passthrough success report	12 Septembre 2012 17:50	 

Expéditeur :
 	kvm-owner at vger.kernel.org   	Au nom de :	Lennert Buytenhek 
À:	kvm at vger.kernel.org 
Cc:	Dirk Teurlings 

Some time ago already, we got graphics card pci passthrough working
on a friend's computer, an ASRock Z68 Extreme4 Gen3 based PC with
an Intel i7-2600, running on a Linux 3.2 kernel, with two Gigabyte
GV-R677SL-1GD (AMD Radeon HD 6770) graphics cards in CrossFireX mode.

To get things to work we had to:

- Boot with intel_iommu=yes.  This broke the onboard Marvell
  88SE9120 controller (an AHCI controller) with IOMMU related
  kernel errors, and we had to move some drives around.

- Blacklist the radeon audio driver so that the graphics cards
  aren't in use on the host.

- Apply the patches at the end of this mail to kvm and SeaBIOS to
  allow for more BAR space under 4G.  (The relevant BARs on the
  graphics cards _are_ 64 bit BARs, but kvm seemed to turn those
  into 32 bit BARs in the guest.)

- Apply the hacky patch at the end of this mail to SeaBIOS to
  always skip initialising the Radeon's option ROMs, or the VM
  would hang inside the Radeon option ROM if you boot the VM
  without the default cirrus video.

With these patches, the Windows 7 guest seemed to work OK on basic
testing, allowing playing of all 3d games we tried, including in
CrossFireX mode.  We ran into the following issues:

- The AMD Catalyst graphics card drivers bluescreen the VM on win7
  boot if you boot with a CPU family/model/stepping that it does not
  like and one or more Radeon cards passed through to the VM.
  (Setting the guest family/model/stepping to be equal to the host's
  CPU's fixes the bluescreen and allows booting to complete.)

- AMD Catalyst 12.4 worked okay, but the 12.6 beta would bluescreen
  the VM.

- Playing video in Flash (e.g. youtube) and XBMC gives a green
  rectangle where the video is supposed to be.  This was fixable in
  both cases by turning off hardware acceleration (in Flash) or
  "dxva2" (in xbmc).  A problem with these symptoms is noted in the
  AMD Catalyst driver release notes, but the same problem does not
  seem to appear when running Windows 7 directly on the host.
  (Could this be related to skipping the option ROM?)

We also tried passing through an NVidia graphics card (GTX 260)
instead of the Radeons, but that would crash the VM the couple of
times we tried, and we didn't look into this further.

The setup (display on the right assigned to the Linux host, display
on the left assigned to the Windows guest): http://i.imgur.com/idtVH.jpg

3DMark running on Windows host: http://i.imgur.com/nvbQr.jpg

3DMark running on Windows as a VM: http://i.imgur.com/vuL7H.jpg

(Running with only one graphics card gives about half the 3dmark
score, so CrossFireX does appear to be working in both cases.)


KVM patch for more <4G PCI BAR space:

diff -ur qemu-kvm-1.0+noroms/hw/pc_piix.c ../qemu-kvm-1.0+noroms/hw/pc_piix.c
--- qemu-kvm-1.0+noroms/hw/pc_piix.c    2011-12-04 11:38:06.000000000 +0100
+++ ../qemu-kvm-1.0+noroms/hw/pc_piix.c 2012-06-09 16:24:14.186327304 +0200
@@ -112,9 +112,9 @@

-    if (ram_size >= 0xe0000000 ) {
-        above_4g_mem_size = ram_size - 0xe0000000;
-        below_4g_mem_size = 0xe0000000;
+    if (ram_size >= 0xc0000000 ) {
+        above_4g_mem_size = ram_size - 0xc0000000;
+        below_4g_mem_size = 0xc0000000;
      } else {
          above_4g_mem_size = 0;
          below_4g_mem_size = ram_size;

Corresponding SeaBIOS patch:

diff --git a/src/acpi-dsdt.dsl b/src/acpi-dsdt.dsl
index 15299ee..31e7102 100644
--- a/src/acpi-dsdt.dsl
+++ b/src/acpi-dsdt.dsl
@@ -170,10 +170,10 @@ DefinitionBlock (
                      ,, , AddressRangeMemory, TypeStatic)
                  DWordMemory (ResourceProducer, PosDecode, MinFixed, MaxFixed, NonCacheable, ReadWrite,
                      0x00000000,         // Address Space Granularity
-                    0xE0000000,         // Address Range Minimum
+                    0xC0000000,         // Address Range Minimum
                      0xFEBFFFFF,         // Address Range Maximum
                      0x00000000,         // Address Translation Offset
-                    0x1EC00000,         // Address Length
+                    0x3EC00000,         // Address Length
                      ,, PW32, AddressRangeMemory, TypeStatic)
              Name (CR64, ResourceTemplate ()
diff --git a/src/config.h b/src/config.h
index 3a70867..b305d9a 100644
--- a/src/config.h
+++ b/src/config.h
@@ -44,9 +44,9 @@
  #define BUILD_SMM_INIT_ADDR       0x38000
  #define BUILD_SMM_ADDR            0xa8000
  #define BUILD_SMM_SIZE            0x8000
-#define BUILD_MAX_HIGHMEM         0xe0000000
+#define BUILD_MAX_HIGHMEM         0xc0000000
-#define BUILD_PCIMEM_START        0xe0000000
+#define BUILD_PCIMEM_START        0xc0000000
  #define BUILD_PCIMEM_END          0xfec00000    /* IOAPIC is mapped at */
  #define BUILD_PCIMEM64_START      0x8000000000ULL
  #define BUILD_PCIMEM64_END        0x10000000000ULL

SeaBIOS patch to always skip Radeon option ROM initialization:

diff --git a/src/optionroms.c b/src/optionroms.c
index 00697b2..857956a 100644
--- a/src/optionroms.c
+++ b/src/optionroms.c
@@ -440,6 +440,8 @@ vga_setup(void)
          foreachpci(pci) {
              if (!is_pci_vga(pci))
+            if (pci->vendor == 0x1002 && pci->device == 0x68ba)
+                continue;
              init_pcirom(pci, 1, NULL);
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Thanks for the report.  Spawned by your success, I tested a Radeon HD
5450 using VFIO based device assignment.  I can get it to work on
Windows XP, with no changes (from the version I'll post soon), but Win7
dies (still need to play around more with your suggestions of cpu type).
For skipping the option rom, is it sufficient to not expose it
(rombar=0) or does the guest OS driver need it as well?  Thanks,


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Does the new version support VGA passthrough. I have not succeeded in doing this with Proxmox VE 2.1. Thanks. 

Martin Maurer <martin at proxmox.com> wrote: 

>Hi all, 
>New packages on pvetest, V2.2 is coming soon - please test and give feedback! 
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