[PVE-User] Migration, venet and public IPs

Patrice Levesque pve.wayne at ptaff.ca
Tue Oct 2 18:32:31 CEST 2012


> I have some ideas that come to mind, but they all seem less than
> ideal.  I would like to know if someone else has solved this and if so
> how? Or perhaps some of you have a brilliant solution? :)

Might be a naïve idea, but maybe a DHCP server acting as a gateway,
segregating each hostile-VM to its own VLAN might do the trick.

You'll get NATed VMs (they won't appear to the internet and you won't
need public IPs); you'll have total control of which VLANs can each VLAN
access, etc.

        Patrice Levesque
        pve.wayne at ptaff.ca
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