[PVE-User] PVE 2.2 - vzctl console vs. vzctl enter?

David Black proxmox at 1000.relay.net
Sat Oct 20 20:03:00 CEST 2012

Does anyone else get a blank screen when they open a console for some OpenVZ CT operating systems? 
I didn't used to, but do now - possibly after installing the PVE 2.2 test code. Come to think of it, previously PVE didn't require me to log in - went straight to a root shell in a CT - was it using vzctl enter? 

Today I dug into why, and the answer is at least the CentOS 6 CT stock templates don't run a getty on the console device - simple as that. 
Vzctl enter works fine. "Console" in the PVE UI is effectively connecting to the CT's /dev/console - I can see output sent to /dev/console, but there's no /bin/login running, as one would expect, e.g. on a qemu VM. 

The workaround I used was to copy in /etc/init/*tty* from a working CentOS 6 box, and reboot. Unfortunately, those files disappeared when I backed up the CT and restored it - no idea why that happened. Anything I'm doing wrong here, or are some of the templates just broken? Ubuntu 12.x templates seem broken in the same way. Fedora 17 does display a login. 

This may be an OpenVZ bug, but if so, it's sure an obvious one. Perhaps PVE 2.2 should stay with vzctl enter, as vzctl console doesn't yet seem to be working for at least several released templates. 


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