[PVE-User] General networking question

VIDAL, Thomas (Bioversity-France) t.vidal at cgiar.org
Fri Oct 19 14:19:57 CEST 2012

Dear Proxmox users,

I am in the list since 2 months and using Proxmox (my current config at 
the bottom) since 3 months.... so a newbie !
I set up several VMs without any problem. But since 3 months now I am a 
little bit confused regarding all networks settings (even after read the 
wiki, networking is not my cup of tea).
I have 2 network cards with on each network card 4 network ports, so 8 
physical networks available. And I have VMs for LAN and public VMs (web 
server for example).
For the moment I created bridges for each network.
I know that we can agregate (bond I assume) network ports.

So my question is :
In the case of multiple network ports, is it better/simple to manage 
them as 2 bonded ports or to keep bridges (flexibility ?)

Sorry for this basic and general question...

All the best


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