[PVE-User] Live migration error whith HA (OK without HA)

Jonathan Schaeffer jonathan.schaeffer at univ-brest.fr
Wed Oct 10 17:40:15 CEST 2012

Hi list,

Some (and only some) of my VMs will not live migrate whith the following 
error :

   Trying to migrate pvevm:126 to flint...Failure
   command 'clusvcadm -M pvevm:126 -m flint' failed: exit code 255

I found out that removing pvevm:126 from the HA services will release 
the live migration.
Putting the VM in HA again will prevent the VM to migrate again.

Does it make sense ?
What can I do to understand/debug this behaviour ?



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rue Dumont D'Urville
TechnopĂ´le Brest-Iroise
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