[PVE-User] sheepdog, btrfs and tests

Fábio Rabelo fabio at fabiorabelo.wiki.br
Mon Oct 8 16:35:50 CEST 2012

I am setting up a new system with 5 nodes, and before this system goes to
production I will have some time to make some tests ...

First, I intend to take a look at Sheepdog .

Question, according to docs, Sheepdog use /var/lib/sheepdog to store
images, that is correct to PVE package ?

Another question, PVE kernel supports btrfs ?

I do not know how many time I will have, all  nodes are already im my
hands, but the storage are not ( I live in Brasil, and this kind of thing
just cannot be predicted here ! ) so, until the Storage Arrives, the tests
will continue ....

Any advise ???

Fábio Rabelo
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