[PVE-User] USB: the little unusable thing...

Giuliano Natali (Diaolin) diaolin at diaolin.com
Sat Oct 6 09:16:31 CEST 2012

1.9 proxmox

In the previous version ok kvm i should downgrade to
0.14 to have a decent pass-through USB.

2.* proxmox

probed all sort of kvm, downgrading, upgrading, redowngrading
but nothing...


Bus 001 Device 010: ID 13fe:1f00 Kingston Technology Company Inc.
DataTraveler 2.0 4GB Flash Drive / Patriot Xporter 32GB (PEF32GUSB) Flash

qm set 111 -usb0 host=001.010
400 Parameter verification failed.
usb0: invalid format - unable to parse usb device

then the previous method of setting BUS.DEVICE is incorrect
but using the args in conf

args: -device usb-host,hostbus=1,hostport=10



qm set 111 -usb0 host=13fe:1f00


args: -usb -device usb-host,vendorid=0x13fe,productid=0x1f00

all works good.

The problem is: inside the virtual i see the key with lsusb but as
in 0.15 of kvm it's unusable...

Despite i should use the old version, downgrading PROXMOX.

and this is a real pain.

With the windows VM i've resolved with remote usb but with the
linux machine i don't find any usable method.

I've probed ALL and when i say all i say ALL.

Minimum 6 or 7 different USB-over-IP softs, even that in the
kernel usb-ip...

every time, version mismatch and so on....

Any hint?

I should access an USB key in raw mode as in the 0.14 kvm version

Tx, Diaolin

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