[PVE-User] Proxmox and VM's all showing as down in GUI

Alain Péan alain.pean at lpn.cnrs.fr
Fri Nov 16 14:24:07 CET 2012

Le 16/11/2012 13:38, Martin Maurer a écrit :
>> I forgot to do a reply to all, and just did a reply.  I hate that a reply doesn't go
>> >back to the list.
> There are good reasons why we do this (it's the recommended setup for mailman)

I prefer this behavior. It avoids that you mistakendly answer to all the 
list instead to one person (it can be very annoying sometimes...), and 
that the list get spammed by a leaving notice (of the kind "I ma not at 
my office totay, please contact...").


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