[PVE-User] Three node cluster split

Mikkel Christensen mikkel at mikjaer.com
Thu Nov 8 17:34:25 CET 2012

/etc/init.d/pvestatd restart

did the trick for now ... but i'd still like to know whats causing this, 
any ideas on where to look?

Den 08/11/12 17.25, Mikkel Christensen skrev:
> Some time ago my nodes split up, i had a shot network fallout and the 
> servers got disconnected. When they reconnected again two of the three 
> nodes where marked as "red" and only the vm's and containers of the 
> green nodes was accesible ... however all the other vm's and 
> containers are listed, but not accesible and only shows their id as 
> description and nothing else.
> When asking here i was told to upgrade and then run:
> /etc/init.d/pve-manager restart
> /etc/init.d/pve-cluster restart
> /etc/init.d/pvedaemon restart
> On all nodes, that fixed the problem, short after they disconnected 
> again for no apperent reason, i ran the commands again and that solved 
> the problem.
> Now i happend again and the commands didn't solve the problem.
> What logfiles do i need to look in to debuge this?


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