[PVE-User] Reference to proxmox source in power pc MAC

Fábio Rabelo fabio at fabiorabelo.wiki.br
Mon Nov 5 14:29:10 CET 2012

Sorry, but it won't work !

Maybe ( just a distant maybe !!! ) you can make OpenVZ ( containers ) work,
I don't know the actual status of OpenVZ on PPC .

But no one will help you on that task ...

KVM for now are x86 only, so Proxmox are too ....

IBM have Power6 and Power7 with virtualization support, and there are a
port of KVM on this machines, but G5 do not have it .

And I am pretty sure no one have a PPC hardware to develop Promox on it ....

Fabio Rabelo

2012/11/5 Maykel Franco Hernández <maykel at maykel.sytes.net>

> Hi, I installed debian squeeze power pc 64 bits in G5. I like install
> proxmox in this machine, but the repository packages had only amd64 bits
> .deb .
> I need install proxmox in this machine, I found this packages:
> ftp://download.proxmox.com/**sources/<ftp://download.proxmox.com/sources/>
> I downloaded this sources but I don't know do it.
> Can I help me please?
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