[PVE-User] p2v win7

Tonči Stipičević tonci at suma-informatika.hr
Thu Nov 1 08:27:18 CET 2012

Dear all

I'm trying to make p2v from win7 to the proxmox guest

Using Clonezilla , transfer seems to end up successfully .
I follwed this instructions correctly:

This method is fast, reliable and OS independent as it uses live cds.
you need to get http://clonezilla.org/, which is a live linux cd.
prepare the source host, make sure that you have standard IDE drivers enabled (for winxp/win2003 just use the mergeide.reg, for w2k I followed this link (solution 2 worked for me): [2]
now, boot the physical host with clonezilla, go for beginner mode and select device-device and then remote, just follow the wizard
on the Proxmox VE host, prepare a KVM guest, make sure you got a big enough ide disk assigned (add one gb extra to be on the safe side) and also boot this KVM guest with the live cd and execute a shell.
become root and run fdisk (fdisk /dev/sda/) to make sure that sda is here, exit fdisk with 'w'. this was essential.
now enter all command from the wizard from the source server tells you (configure network and request the copy process)
after success (the wizard just copies the data, means I got a 80 gb disk but only 5 gb data on it so it was just a few minutes for the whole process, gbit network) just change the boot device to the hard disk and start the VM. Windows will install all needed drivers automatically, just the Intel NIC drivers for e1000 must be loaded from ISO (i got one big driver ISO from Intel containing all NIC drivers).

but afterwards , when I started VM  after the "booting from hard disk"  it just stops and does not go any further with no error message displayed at all.

I did import mergeide.req into the win7 host , in spite of this is not mentioned here , but nothing helped.

Is there any other procedure regarding win7 OS ?

Thank you very much in advance and 

srdačan pozdrav / best regards

Tonči Stipičević
direktor / manager

podrška / upravljanje
IT sustavima za male i srednje tvrtke

Small & Medium Business 
IT support / management
Badalićeva 27 / 10000 Zagreb / Hrvatska – Croatia
url: www.suma-informatika.hr
mob: +385 91 1234003
fax: +385 1  5560007

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