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Hart, Brian R. brianhart at ou.edu
Tue May 22 20:36:04 CEST 2012

I use Vyatta (www.vyatta.org) inside of a VM.  I think there are others who have used pfSense?

Brian Hart

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Hello I use Fridu-Firewall http://www.fridu.org/fulup-posts/40-hosting-a-sysadmin/79-virtualization-firewall . it's very easy to use. Don't know if there is a better option

2012/5/22 Christian Cartwright <christian at cjcartwright.com<mailto:christian at cjcartwright.com>>

>From what I can gather, the proxmox host doesn't come pre-configured
with an enabled firewall.

Am I correct?

What firewall options are people using and finding to work well with
their setup and the virtual machines?

Thank you!

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