[PVE-User] Experience (or issues) with Dell Controller ?

Eneko Lacunza elacunza at binovo.es
Thu May 17 09:01:36 CEST 2012

Hi Philippe,

El mié, 16-05-2012 a las 21:59 +0200, Philippe Schwarz escribió:
> > Looking at Dell PE R720 or R710, with a lot of drives (up to 16)
> > could be great, but neither the H710/ H700 , nor the H200 seem to
> > work well with current kernel 2.6.32.
> > Does anyone have experience to share with those controllers ? 
> Glad to see these cards work well with proxmox pve.
> I haven't seen any precise success story with that kind of cards
> before. Now, i can buy them without any fear.
> > What kind of problems do you know with the current 2.6.32 kernel?
> No problem, but have seen many (..H700, debian/Ubuntu/Whatelse.. No
> disk found..) issues.

My installation on H200 card has gone without issues, both with stock
debian 2.6.32 kernel and also with Proxmox kernel.

If you're buying H710 card, OMSA 7.0 has been just released packaged for
debian that supports that generation of controllers. (previous 6.5
version only supported H700/H200 but not H710). Check



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