[PVE-User] Windows 2003 crash with PVE 2.1

lst_hoe02 at kwsoft.de lst_hoe02 at kwsoft.de
Tue May 15 17:47:23 CEST 2012

Zitat von Alain Péan <alain.pean at lpp.polytechnique.fr>:

> Le 15/05/2012 16:37, Alain Péan a écrit :
>> Le 15/05/2012 10:25, lst_hoe02 at kwsoft.de a écrit :
>>> Zitat von Alain Péan <alain.pean at lpp.polytechnique.fr>:
>>>> Le 15/05/2012 10:03, lst_hoe02 at kwsoft.de a écrit :
>>>>> Hm, now tested on a second PVE 2.1 box with AMD Processor and it works...
>>>>> Any idea what is going wrong or is this even supported?
>>>> On 1.9, was it also an AMD processor ?
>>> Yes, but to my knowledge it should be possible to move W2K3 from  
>>> AMD to Intel or vice-versa. I have also double checked that no AMD  
>>> specific software is installed and in fact beside IIS nearly  
>>> nothing is installed on this box.
>> Hi Andreas,
>> I just verified, I remembered there were problems to migrate  
>> between Intel and AMD CPU, and this seems indeed the case. See for  
>> example :
>> http://serverfault.com/questions/226547/kvm-live-migration-between-intel-and-amd-processors So, I fear you can only install your VM on an AMD based server, or you have to migrate again your physical server to an Intel CPU based  
>> server...
> I did further researchs, and the situation is a bit more complicated  
> than I thought. The KVM FAQ explicitly says it is possible to  
> migrate between AMD and Intel :
> http://www.linux-kvm.org/page/FAQ#Does_KVM_support_live_migration_from_an_AMD_host_to_an_Intel_host_and_back.3F
> But, the RHEL documentation says it is not possible :
> http://docs.redhat.com/docs/en-US/Red_Hat_Enterprise_Linux/6/html/Virtualization_Host_Configuration_and_Guest_Installation_Guide/chap-Virtualization_Host_Configuration_and_Guest_Installation_Guide-Virtualization_Restrictions.html

 From my point of view this is a problem when doing a "live" migration  
or move between Intel/AMD which is not easily possible. But doing a  
"cold" image based migration should be possible if the guest OS is  
able to boot on either CPU, no??

Strange thing is that i tested to restore the image on bare intel base  
hardware and it works as expected at least with a older Core2. A image  
created from this Intel machine does also crash like described inside  
PVE 2.1, so it must be some special case for newer i3/5-2000 hardware  
or a problem with newer KVM versions.

> As Proxmox uses a RHEL kernel patched for OpenVZ, it is perhaps not  
> possible with this kernel...

Would be really strange if cold migration is not possible. That's one  
of the benefits of virtualization to unbound the OS from the hardware  



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