[PVE-User] duplicate VG in the target

Alexander Zerquera Alonso alexander at aeronav.ecasa.avianet.cu
Wed May 9 19:04:43 CEST 2012

Hi, maybe I did not explain well in the previous message, sorry for my
English. The situation is this: I have a debian squeeze server
configured as a iscsi san. In this server I configured 1TB logical
volume which is the lun offered by the target  On proxmox server I
created a storage  pointing to the iscsi san, I configured the storage
with the option "use lun directly" unchecked. After configuring the
storage I created a LVM Group and select the iscsi target as Base
Storage. In the field Volume group I enter the VG name existing at the
target (VG1). This VG contains the logical volume  offered as lun.
Until here, everything ok, the problem is that when I login to the san
it's show the following warning "Duplicate Volume Group". I means,
proxmo create an aditional volume group in the target.My doubt, is this
the normal behavior or am I doing something wrong?

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