[PVE-User] Proxmox 2.0 storage minor issues

Eneko Lacunza elacunza at binovo.es
Fri Mar 30 19:07:10 CEST 2012

Hi all,

We have noticed some minor problems with storage management:

- When adding an NFS share, if there are more than 3 shares in the
server, it is not possible to see them in the drop-down (no scrollbar).

- If NFS share is configured only for ISOs, and the share is read-only,
there is a very long timeout while it shows that mkdir failed creating
"template" or "template/iso" directory if one of those directories does
not exist.

User permission minor error?

- We have a user that only has "Administrator" privileges on a virtual
machine (100). When the user logs in, he sees also the node in which the
VM is running (I don't know whether this is correct). But he has the
option for creating a new network device in "Network" tab, although the
process fails in the end with permission failure. It should be better
grey-ed, also for "revert changes".


Zuzendari Teknikoa / Director Técnico
Binovo IT Human Project, S.L.
Telf. 943575997
Astigarraga bidea 2, planta 6 dcha., ofi. 3-2; 20180 Oiartzun (Gipuzkoa)

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