[PVE-User] Re: Vmware Redhat to Proxmox conversion

Giuliano Natali (Diaolin) diaolin at diaolin.com
Tue Mar 27 15:03:56 CEST 2012

claudio.prono at atpss.net wrote:
> Hi all,
> Sorry for all that posts on the mailing list, but this days are days of
> conversion (and problems...).
> Now the problem is a RedHat 7.1. When it boots into proxmox, it hangs
> with a message like this:
> Initializing RT netlink socket

I don't know what's the real problem but i see this in the  history of RedHat

Linus Torvalds releases the highly anticipated 2.4 Linux kernel.

Sun Microsystems CEO Scott McNealy calls Linux a "better NT than NT" and
says Solaris is Sun's implementation of Linux.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer calls Linux a "cancer" and an "intellectual
property destroyer."

Red Hat releases Red Hat Linux 7.1, the first release to incorporate the
2.4 kernel. Red Hat also launches Software Manager for Red Hat Network,
providing real-time bug notification, security alerts, and software

> Reading from internet, i have found of this error related to the apm. I
> have tryied to boot the kenel with apm=off and disabling apmd booting
> from a linux disk, but the problem is still here.

I think that you'll have many other problems with such a release...

Take a look here



> Any hint about this?
> Claudio.
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